Our Dad
Our Dad was a very special man;
He taught us to always take a stand.
That good was good, and bad was bad,
And we didn’t want to make him mad.
He wanted us to excel in life, sports and school,
Also to go to church and obey its rules.
The dinner table was his favorite spot,
To go over the news and talk a lot.
Games, puzzles, and food we shared there too,
We were always surprised at what he knew.
Dad never complained as he drove us to activities or games,
He was always delighted in our fame.
Dad said, “Work for your money and save some too;”
As we are all older, we know this is true.
He didn’t give us fancy cars or toys galore,
But he gave us oh so much more.
His time, his heart, love and a listening ear,
To all of us growing up from year to year.
He provided for 9 children for many years,
So you see why we all have to shed some tears.
He’s gone to be with God and we will miss him too.
Oh, Dad how lucky we were to have a Dad like you.
(Author: Paula Michalk for Mary Pickett)